Granite Offers Pictures of Modern Style and Pizazz!

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granite picturesHave you been considering a home renovation? Are you looking for a statement piece which will bring your outdated room into the throes of style again? Do you appreciate a touch of low maintenance elegance in your home? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, than you are the perfect candidate to consider installing a granite countertop.
Why Choose This Stone?
Most people do not have money to burn and therefore expect a reasonable return on investments made in the home. Style magazines and interior design gurus have been touting the brilliance and functionality of granite countertops for decades, and today is no different. This stone is one of the strongest in the world, which is very important for the savvy investor who wishes to get the biggest bang for their buck and find long term satisfaction with their purchase. Granite has always been considered to be at the top of luxury within a home for the simple fact that the stone itself is so striking. Made up of a number of minerals, granite can come in a variety of naturally occurring shades and contains micro crystals which reflect the light, giving it a natural 3D look no matter which way you look at it.
Like Snowflakes
Just like snowflakes no two pieces of granite are quite the same, regardless of how similar they may appear at first glance. Each one comes with a unique natural design showcasing different hues of colour within a particular shade, unique imperfections in the stone, and a varying formation of crystals to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art in your very own kitchen. Once polished it is not only beautiful, but also smooth to the touch. It is extremely tough and can take all the abuse that typically befalls kitchen counters with ease, and then quietly return to its pristine beauty with the simple wipe of a cloth. As it is a stone it is also impervious to stains and cannot soak up liquids or juices which may run out of food during preparation, assuring you of a safe and healthy environment to prepare meals for your family without the worry that stray bacteria may have found its way into the cracks from a previous meal.
A Thing of Beauty
Far from the typical grey shades that many of us are used to, granite in fact comes in a variety of naturally occurring colours, including salmon, green, blue, slate, and white. This variety in shade allows you to match the stone perfectly with either your existing colour scheme, or that which you wish to change to during your renovations. Many people are branching out from the kitchen as well, with granite countertops finding new life in bathrooms, basement bars, and even home offices, and the options do not stop there. For a touch of elegance and class consult your local distributor today and see the amazing selection of granite which can transform your tired kitchen from blah to bam in a few simple steps!